UM Ireland Boost Sales with Search

May 10, 2019 | Share this article

BMW Ireland was looking for the right approach to target customers through different stages of the sales journey using Search.


UM managed ten different Google Ads accounts, between manufacturer and retailers, and the results were quick off the ground. They carefully selected the right keywords for each stage, built an extensive negative keyword list and focused on location targets – needing to make sure that these campaigns wouldn’t compete against each other and that a BMW search ad would appear as much as possible and for the right audience while increasing the number of test driving bookings.

Comparing the results of the first three months of the accounts that they were managing to the previous period, the cost-per-click was reduced, and clicks went up. CTR and Impression Shares also went up, while simultaneously increasing test drive bookings and reducing the cost per booking. UM have been turning clicks into action – or rather clicks into test drives.

They are demonstrating an efficient and effective methodology, with BMW commenting, “It’s fantastic to be able to relax in the knowledge that Search is being managed so well”