TubeMogul Debuts Private Marketplace & Direct Deal Capabilities For Programmatic TV

May 20, 2016 | Share this article

Today, TubeMogul (TUBE), a leader in software for brand advertising, announced that marketers can now purchase linear television inventory through TubeMogul’s programmatic TV (PTV) platform via private marketplaces and automated direct deals. Cadreon, the digital marketing services platform of IPG Mediabrands, has beta tested the new product exclusively within their advanced TV platform developed in conjunction with TubeMogul.

Through the new functionality, TubeMogul and Cadreon clients can either input pre-existing private deal criteria – including network, flighting schedule, day parts, number of advertising spots and pricing – or request access to network-specific private marketplaces, powered through API-level integrations with multiple supply sources. The new capability enables marketers to plan, buy and measure their direct and SSP-based PTV deals holistically from a single unified platform.

Popularized through traditional digital programmatic executions, private marketplaces and automated direct deals provide a framework from which programmatic principles can be applied to TV industry dynamics. By controlling the number of buyers and pre-negotiating either a fixed- or floor-rate price, media owners retain control over inventory while simultaneously maximizing yield.

“The introduction of private marketplaces and automated direct deals represent a great opportunity to drive additional efficiencies in the advanced TV space,” said Arun Kumar, Global President of Cadreon. “We’re encouraged by early results and believe both networks and advertisers alike will benefit from the increased flexibility and effectiveness provided through software.”

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