Sharing Skills With Those In Need

February 18, 2019 | Share this article


This month’s Lunch & Learn saw a visit from our partners Media Trust. Media Trust bridges the gap between the media and creative industries and broader society to give charities, under-represented communities and young people a stronger voice.

Most charities in the UK raise less than £1million a year and 80% have an annual communications budget of just £1,000. They don’t have the communications skills, resources or connections needed to spread the word about their work and raise vital funds. However, the UK creative industries have some of the best communicators in the world. What’s more, they have access to thousands of individuals who want to give their time and skills to make a difference.

This is where Media Trust come in; they match skilled professionals from across the media and creative industries with charities, local communities and young people in need of vital communications training, mentoring and support. They inspire the creative and media industry to share their time, knowledge and creativity to benefit charities, communities and young people. Working together, they amplify charities’ voices by developing their skills, creating compelling communications and connecting them with their audiences and beneficiaries.

During FWD19 last year, we heard about the importance of volunteering and that we are entitled to 3 days of volunteering, away from the office, for charitable causes, and Media Trust offer a straightforward way of finding a great variety of charities that really need our help.

Most charities have less than £400 a year to spend on their marketing, so your time and expert knowledge can make a huge difference to them.

lunch & learn

Our Lunch & Learn was an interactive session, with Volunteer Manager Cassandra, who took us through what we can offer as volunteers, with Media Trust requiring a minimum of just 2 hours a month of your time (of course, you can give more time if you want!)

We have such a broad range of skills in this building, and Media Trust will work with you to match your skills with a charity’s needs. To take a look at current volunteer opportunities click here.