Case Study: Reprise Provides Value for Value Retail

July 19, 2018 | Share this article


When Reprise began work with Value Retail there was no clear KPI across Paid Media channels – PPC was optimising towards clicks, Paid Social towards reach and Display the quality of the traffic driven. The lack of KPIs presented difficulties in attributing tangible value to online media

in offline store visits. There was no specific owner of Google My Business centrally. There were multiple issues within each GMB account and no clear plan on how to resolve these.


We have implemented Store Visits across the Value Retail business, enabling the central Value Retail team to unify the villages in an approach to online media buying across channels. We are now in a position to start effectively planning budgets around Store Visits, allowing each village to see what incremental investment can achieve at both a Store Visit level and on a CPA basis. This effective attribution allows the client to verify their online approach and sell in additional activity to the wider business.


Since initially enabling store visits we have reduced cost per store visit from £7.23 in the first week of February 2018 to £5.41 the week of 9th-15th April, to £4.61 the week of 7th-13th May.

Our CPA has decreased month-on-month as the volume of store visits has increased, allowing

the teams to set up accounts with the purpose of driving efficiency and scale for long-term growth.