Taking a customer centric approach to drive footfall

May 30, 2017 | Share this article

By Simao Saco, Mubaloo

No one can deny that the retail space is part of your product and brand. It communicates who you are, what you stand for and, in most cases, is the best place for you to showcase your product.

So, when we talk about driving footfall, what we are really talking about is product adoption. Is your audience “adopting” your store and are they “buying into” the experience you provide? This experiential part of your store is massively important to increasing footfall. But how can you provide this unique and positive experience and make it as pleasurable as it can be?

Here at Mubaloo, we think a good starting point is to think about and actively work on your customers’ “pain-points” and potential gains (what they are trying to achieve, status, functionality) when shopping. After all, if the experience is right, it will drive footfall. Add this to a great acquisition campaign and you have a complete virtuous circle. All sounds quite straightforward, right?

Not exactly. But Mubaloo has been working with retailers on exactly this – using mobile apps, mPOS, chat-bots and other technologies to improve customer experience and maximise effectiveness and efficiency in-store. So it’s something we can help make a lot more simple for brands.

Our approach to retail is focused on customer segmentation and insight. Instead of just segmenting customers by age, gender, income or marital status, we work with retails on segmenting users according to their pains, gains and activities they execute in store. The results allow us to identify significant “Jobs To Be Done” in the purchasing process, while exposing critical decision-making variables on the buying experience.

Smoothing and streamlining this experience is key to creating repeat purchases and improving customer satisfaction.

Have you thought about how technology can improve your customer experience in-store?

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