LEGO Stores Feel the Force

September 28, 2018 | Share this article

lego star wars

When two Star Wars films were released within six months of each other, Initiative was tasked with doing something special for LEGO to cut through the Star Wars marketing noise and promote their second playset range release within six months. Insights gleaned from Star Wars fan culture and play behaviour data led us to an interactive digital out of home idea that gave kids the enjoyment of playing with LEGO Star Wars. It was so successful that kids queued up to take part throughout half term week.

Working with Rapport, we partnered with Grandvisual to develop a concept that got kids building LEGO Star Wars sets, whilst making the fantasy of using the force a reality. We selected two major shopping malls with LEGO stores: Bluewater in Kent, and The Metrocentre in Newcastle, and dominated Limited Space’s unmissable digital screens across the week.

Fans were prompted to stand in front of the screen and move their arm to select either the Rebels or the Empire. A game followed in which they ‘used the force’ to build LEGO Starfighters – collecting ‘Force Points’ as they played.

The results were impressive! The LEGO Stores in Bluewater and Metrocentre saw a sales uplift of 15% on base level LEGO Star Wars sales during the week that we were live! The LEGO stores at these mall locations are open for a combined total of 137 hours each week- which translates to 8,220 minutes of potential gameplay time. The game was played 2,797 times for two minutes across the week, resulting in a total of 5,594 minutes of engagement across the week.

Follow the link below to see the campaign in action!