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December 11, 2018 | Share this article

Joanna Gardulska works for IPG Mediabrands Poland, and has spent 3 months working in the London office.


After my first few weeks here, I have found living in London extremely stimulating, and never have the same list of things to do for two different people.


Everyone I’ve met here, anyone who’s visited me so far, has their own amazing view of London. For some it’s just a great hipster wine house and wonderful walks to admire architecture. For some it’s lots of museums or art galleries that they could endlessly explore. For others great food, great theatre, modern art or a shopping paradise…. The list is as long as the number of people I’ve met: any of the points I’ve listed evokes a friend’s face in my mind.


I have experienced all the above, wonderful Londons, and I can’t really choose which one I appreciate the most. If I were to say what my London is, I would add that on top of all of this, it is a crowd of people from all corners of the world. They inspire with their interesting appearance, great fashion style (I sometimes catch myself following somebody just to admire their outfit), and above all the harmony and sense of belonging they somehow create – on the streets and in the workplace. It is magical.


Living in London is simply inspiring.