Jason Carter, Chief Digital Officer IPG Mediabrands EMEA: The case to ‘remain’ for the marketing and media industry

April 29, 2016 | Share this article

Jason Carter, chief digital officer at IPG Mediabrands EMEA, explains why he believes the UK would become less attractive to media and marketing businesses outside the European Union.

Google’s auto complete tool is pretty insightful. Type ‘pros and cons’ into your search box and the first suggestion you’ll get is ‘pros and cons of Brexit’ – a clear barometer of what’s on people’s minds.

It’s hardly surprising that interest levels are spiking given that we’re a couple of months away from a decision that could have huge economic implications and from which there’s no return to the EU fold, should we choose to leave. The fact that we have to google the ‘pros and cons’ says it all. We really don’t know what could happen and despite their bold claims, Dave, Boris or Barack don’t know what the exact ramifications will be either as no country has left the EU before.

Pro-leavers say we’ll be able to have our cake and eat it by cutting the red-tape, negotiating new free trade deals with the EU and with complete sovereignty. Others say ‘non’, pointing out that some nations would love to make the most of our new isolated status to gain their own ground. When the food fight clears, the UK ad industry would have lost ground to others who’d love to take our seat at the table.

What is certain is that all this uncertainty isn’t good for business and the ad industry is no different. They say cabbies feel it first when people sense economic woes. Advertising runs a close second – we’re also in the confidence game. If we opt to break away, it could provoke a confidence crisis which, combined with the complexity of unbundling us from Brussels, could become a chronic illness dragging on for years.

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