IPG Mediabrands Pitch Academy Packs A Punch In Prague

May 14, 2018 | Share this article

The Pitch Academy is a New Business Training & Development training event for Agency and SBU leaders. This training builds on a highly successful new business year in 2017 and will ensure that we are continuing to improve our pitch performance and benefiting from best practice.  

The first Pitch Academy took place in February at the Stylish Corinthia Hotel in Prague. 48 people with experience in agency leadership, client management, new business, strategy, planning and digital specialisms from 18 markets across Mediabrands EMEA attended, including 6 people from the UK office. The training event was split across two days and was hosted by a senior regional team, including Howard Nead (CGO), Sam Clark (L&D), Helen Price (MAGNA), Abby Pepper (HR) and Steve Kershaw (Consultant).

There has been huge interest in this training programme and candidates are chosen based on their talent, expertise and ability to share learnings with their teams back in their own markets. We are hoping to continue this initiative going forward, where more of our staff will be given the chance attend.

“I thought it was a brilliant learning experience, it was good to go back to basics and be reminded of some simple lessons including, pitches are not just about the client meeting, it is about the relationship we develop with them during the whole pitch process, clients buy into a team, pitching for new business is a people business”. – Bich-Van Nguyen, Group New Business Director, IPG Mediabrands EMEA

“It was great to take a step back and reflect on what we are currently doing in new business across EMEA. In particular, it really made me consider the strengths and personalities we have in the building and how we can come together to construct the most effective pitch team. Not everyone is going to want to get up and pitch to a client but there are certainly plenty of behind the scenes roles to be filled” – Nicole Bunyard, New Business Director, Reprise UK

“Having a structured session on different aspects of the pitch process and how it differs from an agency/client perspective, was excellent. It was also hugely beneficial to have some designated time with all the local markets to understand their ways of working and how they approach different pitch opportunities” – Dave Evans, UK Growth Director, IPG Mediabrands UK

“I found the training event in Prague really insightful but also fun! As a member of the EMEA New Business team it was good to spend time and share knowledge with key counterparts across EMEA that we work with on a daily basis, it has enhanced our working relationship which will strengthen the support across future pitches and projects.”- Cristina Casamitjana, New Business Manager, IPG Mediabrands EMEA


For more information please speak to Abby Pepper in the HR team.