IPG Mediabrands Australia CEO Danny Bass: Up to 60% of Paid Media Could Shift into Unpaid, but It’s Not the end

May 24, 2016 | Share this article

A world without paid media is not the end of the mediascape as we know it, according to IPG Mediabrands CEO Danny Bass.

Speaking as the closing keynote at the AdNews Media Summit yesterday afternoon, Bass said it’s predicted from various sources that 20-60% of media budgets will move into new channels over the next three to five years.

That means a big change for an industry built on paid media. Bass was speaking at the end of a week which has seen his agency UM lose both the Coles and Target business – a huge blow it its Melbourne office.

“The industry is looking at potentially billions of dollars moving away from areas we know. The movement in paid media will have an enormous effect on each and everyone one of you,” Bass told the crowd.

“It’s really important that we as an industry address this paid media issue and we address it head on.”

The deal between the consumer, the brand and the media owner has changed, explained Bass, but the industry is in a positon where it can “control the disruption”.

“The rise of the adblocker is not as bad as everyone is saying, but it’s a warning from the consumer,” he said. “Consumers are saying I’ll have ads, but not in the way you are serving them to me now. We can control this disruption, we can own this and we can be the heroes – the future is now.”

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