Initiative Reveal the State of UK Culture

February 18, 2019 | Share this article

On January 31st Initiative hosted a breakfast launch for their State of UK Culture report.

state of uk culture

It was an entertaining and insightful morning, with Initiative hosting 150 delegates from across the UK advertising to reveal the findings of their UK Culture report on 9 new and developing subcultures that exist in the UK today.

right this way

Surveying 4,000+ people and conducting 30 depths interviews across:

. Skate Luxe
. Urban Gardeners
. Stay at Home Dads
. Grey Gappers
. Vape Cafes
. Audiophiles
. Mind-Hacking
. eSports
. Supportive Sports

Initiative CEO Richard Morris hosted the breakfast, and Jed Hallam, Charlotte Eagland and Ben Haley took us through the report in great depth.

charlotte eagland

richard morris

ben haley

jed hallam

Following this, the audience were able to take part in two immersive sessions led by experts on two of the study’s subcultures: Urban Gardeners hosted by Patch and Grey Gappers hosted by Lonely Planet.

lonely planet


The morning ended on a real high with keynote speaker John Barnes, one of the nation’s most treasured footballers and cultural commentator, who spoke of his own experiences concerning culture and of how culture can mean very different things to each individual.

john barnes

john barnes