Having a blast at DMEXCO

September 28, 2018 | Share this article

By Caitlin Pinner and Oli Flower


Day One:

The Technology of Storytelling: The Evolving Consumer Journey

This panel spoke about how the customer journey has always been complicated. In a sense, consumer touchpoints have always been complex and random, we just have the ability to measure it better than we did before.
We discovered Audio is the ‘sleeping giant’ of the customer journey, a platform that is great for Discovery, bunt under-developed for Driving Sales. The panel urged marketers to think of the consumer journey more creatively.


Spotify presents Listen, Look, Love: Streaming and the Multimedia Opportunity

Spotify continue to raise the bar for Discovery and with a platform that sees users streaming a song they’ve never heard before 10billion times a month, it’s no doubt they do it well. Brian Benedik, Global Head of Advertising spoke of how discovery drives brand equity, boosts happiness, and how users on their platform stream twice as long on the Discover Weekly playlist. Benedik says the key to creating Discoverable moments, is creating a highly personalised platform experience.


Day Two:

VICE Presents: VICE Visions 2018

In a world in which audience behaviour is constantly changing, media consumption habits are in flux and technology continues to disrupt, VICE Visions 2018 offered an insight into how the publisher is moving forward into the next era of digital publishing.
With a panel featuring Oobah Butler of The Shed in Dulwich fame, speakers decided that above all, it’s the need for creativity that’s the constant in a rapidly changing media landscape.


Reinventing the Industry with AI and Creativity at the Core: Arthur Sadoun, CEO Publicis

Is there a future for media holding companies as they come under siege from the threat of consultancy firms?
The resounding response from Publicis’ CEO, Arthur Sadoun, was that, with creativity central to any great response to a brief, consultancies will struggle to match the creative prowess of a media agency – ‘It’s the difference between an engineer and an artist.’


The Art and Science Of Storytelling: David Hiller, Adform

In one of the conference’s more insightful lectures, David Hillier approached brand storytelling from a refreshing perspective, stripping the concept down to the roots of how we absorb and relate to stories.
A great brand story should unravel like a piece of fiction, from the introduction, to the climax, to the denouement and conclusion; and all brand stories fit into one of seven different story themes – overcoming the monster, rebirth, journey and return, rags to riches, tragedy, comedy, or quest – like the new Nike ad.


The Start-Up Village

Featuring hundreds of businesses competing for our attention in a crowded room, the Start-Up Village was an intimidating prospect – no less because many of the companies were offering similar products.
Amongst the email marketing tools and the analytics plugins, there were a few interesting propositions. Our favourite? A neuromarketing platform that allows brands to monitor how consumers react to content based on facial gestures.