Google Celebrates Reprise

April 4, 2017 | Share this article

In mid-March, senior Google leaders and YouTube’s up-and-coming creators were brought together for an exclusive day of insights and thought leadership during Google’s annual event – Reaching the YouTube Generation. This covered everything from connecting with this key demographic, to creative best practices and how YouTube is delivering against innovative online video solutions of the future.

Reprise Media and UM were asked to join the event to present their award-winning case study with Sarson’s Marketing Manager, Noa Hasegawa. Facing a challenging time due to penetration losses across all age groups, Sarson’s Vinegar was looking for a way to re-engage and create new audiences in the millennial demographic. Data and insights uncovered a key opportunity to fill in an existing content gap where demand was rapidly increasing – pickling.

Food is thriving on YouTube, with millennials watching on average 30% more food content on YouTube than other demographics.* As a brewer of quality vinegars, Sarson’s was perfectly positioned to engage this audience with a range of easy and delicious pickling recipe videos. Using a combination of TrueView and Preferred YouTube advertising, over half a million users viewed the content, with nearly 70% being in the 18-34 age bracket.

On the campaign, Sarson’s noted: “Reprise and UM’s search data insights were instrumental at every stage – from identifying the opportunity to the campaign direction, the content strategy, the optimum launch period and even the content of each video. Thanks to their ongoing support, Sarson’s achieved not only phenomenal year-on-year growth… but significant increases in sales”.

See the Video here – Think With Google