Getting to know Dave Evans

May 14, 2018 | Share this article

You’ve been here for 8 years, can you tell us how the agency has changed over that time?

I joined Reprise when the UK office was first launched and the team only consisted of about 15 people. The total headcount is now over 120 and we have expanded into 5 other main channel services in that time, so it’s clear to see the huge growth that’s happened. The digital landscape has also changed dramatically since I’ve been here, with the rapid shift to Mobile and new technologies allowing more advanced targeting, tracking and optimisation. Reprise has always been great at adapting to these changes, which is a key contributor to the agency’s success.

What do you love most about working in Reprise/IPG Mediabrands, what’s kept you here?

Without question, the people! As an agency group, we have a brilliant track record of hiring bright people that fit with our unique culture, and I can honestly say that I’ve made some amazing friends during my time here. That, and the close proximity to the numerous food and watering holes in the area.


What’s the most innovative client you’ve worked with in the past?

Although it was a few years ago, one of the most exciting clients I’ve worked on has to be Burberry. They were the earliest adopters of full digital marketing in the Luxury space and were always open to trialling new strategies, betas products and ideas that pushed the conventional ways of working.

What are you most proud of during your time here?

Growing the various teams I have managed is very rewarding on a personal note, but I would have to say that our client retention is what I’m most proud of. At Reprise, we have an amazing direct client retention rate and that is a testament to the teams who manage and work on them.

What’s your favourite memory over the time you’ve been here?

I’ve got a lot of fond and funny memories over the last 8 years. One thing that springs to mind is the old Head of SEO jumping in the hot tub within the first 10mins of our Christmas party, before realising there were no towels or change of clothing and having to commit to staying in there for the whole night (about 7 hours!). I’ve never seen anyone that wrinkly!

What are your favourite things outside work?

Anything to do with sport or being out in the fresh air! I try to be as active as I can, although a few drinks in the pub with friends is a very close second.