Get Your Potterhead On

February 18, 2019 | Share this article

For Harry Potter fans, 2018 was a huge year. The highly anticipated Fantastic Beasts sequel The Crimes of Grindelwald was finally set to be released, and to mark its release LEGO returned to the design studio and created new products under the newly rebranded theme of ‘Wizarding World’. Initiative’s challenge was to launch these new products amongst a huge volume of overall Harry Potter noise – and drive £8.9m in incremental consumer sales by putting LEGO at the centre of the Wizarding World for kids and older ‘Potterheads’ alike.

harry & ron

The Harry Potter world is one of the most culturally significant creations of the century, with both the films and books continuing to break world records with every new release – J.K. Rowling’s characters have become part of the cultural fabric of modern life. The launch of new LEGO Wizarding World products needed to match this impact, and not just ride on the coattails of the Fantastic Beasts sequel, but contribute something valuable back to the culture of Harry Potter.

platform 9 3/4

Initiative worked closely with their partners at ITV, and discovered plans to air the previous Harry Potter films over concurrent Saturday’s in order to drive excitement and anticipation ahead of the new release. Given the cultural power of these films, they knew that conversations would be starting in playgrounds and office kitchens alike – and spotted the perfect opportunity to contribute something brilliant to the Wizarding World. They were going to recreate iconic scenes from the films, recreate and animate them using LEGO Wizarding World products, and then air the content in the ad breaks for the Harry Potter films, over concurrent Saturdays.

the golden snitch

A crack team of Initiative Potter fans was created and they spent the weekend watching all of the films, noting down the most iconic scenes, and recording a timestamp for when each scene occurred. Initiative then worked in partnership with LEGO designers, and LEGO’s in-house creative agency to recreate some of the most iconic scenes using LEGO. Finally working with ITV to ensure that each LEGO recreation was matched to the respective scene in each Harry Potter film.

whomping willow

Initiative managed to create something for LEGO that added to the Harry Potter buzz, in a way that only LEGO could.  Importantly, they did all this while creating something that added to the magic of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.

See video here. Password: Wizard