Frontier kicks off summer partnership with Time Out London

August 4, 2017 | Share this article

Fuller’s craft lager brand, Frontier has begun a summer 2017 partnership with Time Out London, set up by UM London.

The partnership combines Frontier’s core passion points of music, food and drink with Time Out’s status as the leading global media and entertainment brand that inspires and enables people to make the most of the city, to demonstrate Frontier’s commitment to provide Londoners with access to all the great events going on in the city this summer.

As part of the partnership, Frontier’s campaign uses Time Out’s multiple touchpoints including digital, social, magazine and Live Events.

The campaign was kicked off last month with a a cover wrap in Time Out magazine with magazine displays, advertorials, social media, sponsored blog posts and high impact digital takeovers all included as part of the partnership. The campaign all leads up to the bespoke and unique Live Event created by Time Out for Frontier to end the summer in September: a rooftop BBQ with free drinks and restaurant quality food.

Furthermore, Time Out has created an inspiring tech feature for its website called the ‘Frontier Finder’. The Finder will recommend the best events in your area in London, based on the answers to a short questionnaire.

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