‘My FLITE to Italy’ – Filiz Besler

November 16, 2017 | Share this article



Italy is a beautiful country and on every corner is an amazing historical building alongside ancient ruins and great natural sights.

Living in Italy for just over a month has been such fun. I spent each weekend travelling to gorgeous places including Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and Lake Como and of course made the most of the yummy food. I ate seafood pasta almost every weekend as well as pizza, gelato and lots of coffees.

It was a challenge because I couldn’t speak any Italian except “Ciao” and “Grazie” but everyone was kind and friendly so I didn’t have too much trouble not knowing the language. In the end I learnt a few basic words and phrases. The team were quick to help and it made learning a new language fun. I was also in Bologna for a weekend, during that time Pope Francis was visiting the city, which made my experience even more interesting!

The Italian office had a similar culture to that of the UK. The working style is similar and I was impressed with the technology and innovation in Italy. There were several things which were new to me and I will be sharing them with my team in London.

There is a great work ethic in Italy and thanks to the flexible working hours there is a really good ‘work- life’ balance. In Italy I was working with my UK team but managing my workload better even though I wasn’t physically in the UK. In Italy I was working with the J&J teams and we shared our experiences in dynamic campaigns, location targeting and DMP.

I have made great memories thanks to the FLITE mobility programme in both my professional and personal life. I would recommend everyone to participate in this scheme, as it has been a truly invaluable experience. Cadreon Italy has a great dynamic, they are hard working and kind. I felt lucky to be part of this team for five weeks.

The best part has to be the delicious food, weather and people, it really makes a difference to have sun everyday in September and October!

Earlier this year, IPG Mediabrands EMEA announced the launch of the first talent mobility programme, FLITE Mobility. 90 of you applied from 15 countries and 16 agencies for the chance to work in one of our diverse markets for a maximum of 3 months. We have been closely following the 10 outstanding employees chosen, and it’s proving to be a great opportunity for not only professional development, but also personal growth.