IPG Mediabrands Holds the EMEA Retail Forum 2018

July 19, 2018 | Share this article

Our EMEA Retail Forum proved hugely popular with an impressive 49 clients joining us for breakfast at the beautiful Jerwood Hall on Thursday 7th June, as well as 5 of our media partners and 100 work colleagues from across the UK and the rest of Europe.

The morning demonstrated how the retail experience has evolved for the everyday consumer and the role that all the key touch points still play in the shopping experience. Recently Retail has been a hot topic in the news, with many different insights and opinions on the subject.  

The event brought together a programme that celebrated the most innovative insight into this fascinating and complex category.

Our speakers delivered a deep analysis of the retail industry today. We heard from Glen Parker (Head of Insights) and Jan Sørensen (Head of Retail), who took us through some powerful new insights from our Retail Buying Study – the largest of its kind, building on seven years of key consumer insight into the retail environment.

Jorge Seeliger, Head of Innovation at Reprise, presented the top 5 challenges for retailers and the innovative solutions required to keep consumers engaged… and spending.

Then we were joined by two exceptional expert speakers, Neil Probert from Amazon Media and very special guest, Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos, who enlightened us on the psychology of shopping.

The Retail Buying Survey has found that experience and culture are at the heart of modern day retail, and that shopping is one of the greatest drivers of togetherness in society. The rise of e-commerce has only created new ways for people to be connected to others.

For more information on The Retail Buying Survey, please click here