Certified and Celebrating

December 10, 2018 | Share this article


Exciting news for Cadreon this month as they have achieved two JICWEBS Seals of Compliance, verified by independent auditor ABC. These demonstrate that the agency has met industry agreed standards to reduce the risk of both ad misplacement and exposure to ad fraud.

The JICWEBS Principles are industry-approved guidelines against which media buyers, publishers or intermediaries can be verified. The aim of the Principles, and ABC’s verification programme, is to promote confidence in the industry by demonstrating that companies like Cadreon are providing targeted protection against some of the key issues affecting the online advertising industry.

Nick Tulloch, Head of Cadreon UK, has said, “We are so proud of achieving these two JICWEBS Seals of Compliance following our ABC audit. We strive to provide the very best programmatic solutions for our clients and we are committed to always being transparent and trustworthy with them, and the agencies we work with within IPG Mediabrands. With industry bad practice making headlines, demonstrating that we have met industry standards for both anti-fraud and brand safety is so important to us.”

Also, Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “Cadreon is leading by example in demonstrating its commitment to a safer, more transparent digital ad trading environment.”

Well done Cadreon!


Bing Award

Similarly, Reprise have been awarded Bing Elite Partner Status. At its core, the program is a relationship between Bing Ads and the most qualified Agencies, Channel Partners and Technology Partners in the advertising industry. The program helps distinguish partners through public recognition and enables their growth through exclusive training, technical, marketing and sales resources.

The Bing partner program gives partners opportunities to nurture and grow their intelligent search and digital business, access to the Microsoft community and technical experts, and recognition for their work with Bing.

bing award

There was an internal initiative by Reprise with Bing to accelerate the uptake of Bing Ads with clients that aren’t on the platform, but where there is an opportunity to do so, and it is this program that led to the coveted Bing Elite Partner status. Once again, this highlights our commitment as an industry-leading digital marketing agency.