UM’s win of Johnson & Johnson’s global media business last October awed even the marketer’s global CMO Alison Lewis. Not a bad outcome for a self-described “underdog” going up against larger network competitors. The Interpublic agency had to prove itself in front of decision makers at every regional level to win media chores in 55

Sony Consolidates Much of its Media After Global Review

January 28, 2016 | Share this article

Sony has consolidated much of its media agency business, with the bulk landing at MediaCom and UM. The global review spanned Sony Pictures, Sony Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications, Sony Music and Playstation. Sony Pictures, which accounts for a massive chunk of the Sony business, will retain UM in North America and other markets, and add

UM Is Ad Age’s 2016 Media Agency of the Year

January 25, 2016 | Share this article

It was 1 a.m., and a handful of UM staffers, including the global CEO, were sitting on the floor of a windowless room surrounded by charts and data points. At that moment, the team came up with its big idea for the final Coca-Cola pitch. Bolstered by all the data they had been studying, that