Cadreon Bulks Up On Advanced TV As Network Interest In Automation Accelerates

May 1, 2016 | Share this article

Agency holding group Interpublic Group is recruiting for at least five new Advanced TV positions for its trading desk and tech unit Cadreon.

Cadreon, which employs about 500 globally and 300 in the US, attributes the hiring moves to recent advances by networks like NBCUniversal and Fox to automate digital video, display and now linear TV inventory through private exchanges.

“We have a huge appetite for evolving the way TV is planned and bought, but one of the things we wanted to do was to make sure we didn’t call it programmatic TV,” said Erica Schmidt, EVP and managing director for Cadreon North America. “We called it advanced TV because there is automation and application of data involved.”

IPG’s trading desk has evolved through several iterations in its lifespan. In 2013, for example, the holding group shifted Cadreon’s operations away from Mediabrands’ Audience Platform to a new reporting structure under Magna Global, the new global media investment division at the time.

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