Big SEO Impact – And Quick!

December 13, 2016 | Share this article

The Share Centre is a leading UK retail stockbroker offering straightforward advice, content and service to customers via its website.
Their key business goal was to boost sales in the peak ‘ISA season’ but their ISA products had limited organic visibility, so we needed to make a big SEO impact, quickly.

We started by combing the most desirable and relevant search queries to build a keyword strategy, then our content gap analysis quickly spotted a game-changing opportunity: High quality, fresh content, fully optimised for search engines and timed to coincide with peak seasonal demand.

We created a new ISA section of The Share Centre website in just two months from recommendations to go live. We created 12 new landing pages to fill content gaps and boost ISA rankings, while reviewing and refreshing existing content using keyword mapping to optimise on-page elements and copy.
With best practice information architecture, content hierarchy, navigation and URLs, plus internal linking to guarantee an optimal authority flow between new and existing content, we maximised organic potential.

The results were outstanding:

  • The Share Centre jumped from the fifth to second-most visible competitor for target keywords – it holds the same spot a year later
  • Organic traffic to ISA pages hit 12,711 sessions, up 471% from 2,228 the year before, with 11,522 new visitors, up 664% from 1,508 the previous year
  • The Share Centre’s new content is still in first position for “ISA allowance 2016” searches a year later