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We’ve Got 2 in the Top 30!

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We are extremely excited to announce that our very own Rob Bellamy from UM and Caroline Manning in Initiative have made it onto Media Week’s 30 Under 30 list! This is a fantastic achievement, as this list showcases the next generation of media talent and was open to anyone who working in commercial media in

Agencies Come Together for One SJS Day

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For the third year running, all UK IPG Mediabrands agencies here at 42 St John’s Square took a day out to present to each other the latest developments, news and initiatives from each agency group, in the name of collaboration and integration. With so many changes in the past 12 months, it was refreshing to

Power to the People, Through Brands

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by Charlotte Eagland, Initiative UK Whatever you think about Lush’s recent campaign to raise awareness for the “Police Spies Out of Lives” support group, it’s refreshing to see a brand wade into a public debate with confidence and conviction. How many brands would have been tempted to issue an apology and retreat with their tails

THE CHALLENGE. When Reprise began work with Value Retail there was no clear KPI across Paid Media channels – PPC was optimising towards clicks, Paid Social towards reach and Display the quality of the traffic driven. The lack of KPIs presented difficulties in attributing tangible value to online media in offline store visits. There was

Initiative UK continued their Contributors’ Panel series this month with a session themed around sport. The panel discussion included Ben Hobson, Digital Editor of Runner’s World, Andrew Butler, Deputy Editor of The Sun Dream Team FC, Kieran Holmes-Darby, Managing Director at Excel Interactive Ltd. and Charlie Sandison, Planning Executive at Initiative. From a series of

IPG Mediabrands Golf Day 2018 Tees Off!

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IPG Mediabrands Golf Day entered its fifth year and took place on a stunningly sunny day at Hadley Wood Golf Club in north London. The course was in amazing condition and there were a variety of excellent prizes generously provided by Orion up for grabs. The 70-person field was made up of a combination of

Our EMEA Retail Forum proved hugely popular with an impressive 49 clients joining us for breakfast at the beautiful Jerwood Hall on Thursday 7th June, as well as 5 of our media partners and 100 work colleagues from across the UK and the rest of Europe. The morning demonstrated how the retail experience has evolved

IPG Mediabrands Heads to Cannes 2018

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The Cannes Chronicles 2018 by Shara Brown in UM The week in Cannes included an itinerary packed with talks and networking breakfasts at the IPG Mediabrands villa along the promenade. The main talks that stood out throughout the week were focused around the hot topic of diversity in the industry, which many of the sessions at

The streets of London were turned into the biggest of parties when Pride in London had its annual parade this month. The annual event is not just members of the LGBTQ+ community flying the rainbow flag, with more companies than ever are supporting the fight for equality. LGBTQ+ Pride now has more than 50 official

Written by Rhian Mason, Native & Content Strategy Director, Reprise UK Influence starts with the consumer. We are aware that our audience trust people they know over traditional advertising channels, we also know that leveraging the persuasive power of influencers can drive similar results, especially when influencers are used effectively as a natural extension of